Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dr. Hawass's Eratic Behaviour On his new TV Show: "Chasing Mummies"

Hello Zoe. Hope all is well.

Congratulations on your participation in the TV series "Chasing Mummies" with Dr. Hawass.
But I have a question; were 'you' the girl who actually 'pee'ed' inside one of the pyramids? IF so, (and the video clearly shows that you did by your own admission)
then you should be ashamed of yourself - even if - as you say; "you just lost it" ----- whatever that means. You along with Dr. Hawass should be ashamed of yourself - and Zahi Hawass should be fired for allowing such a disgraceful and degenerative act to take place in the sanctity of Ancient Egypt's monuments and culture. But what does he care. Zahi is of Arab descent, and truly deep down inside within his soul, doesn't give a hoot about the pharoanic sites of Ancient Egypt. Its just a playground to him, a place where he can go showboating and grandstanding in front of the camera. It his platform, his soapbox and anyone who has visited Egypt and has met the prima dona knows it. - You see; I have been to Egypt several times, and I have seen how the sites there are treated like dumps. I've seen garbage piled up and thrown about on the east face of the GP's and it was one of the most hideous sites I've ever seen. I've seen the backyard of the Cairo museum and how broken statues and artifacts are just thrown about, with tourist using them for park benches. It was repulsive! I was angered.

What if someone, some stranger visited the grave site of one of your relatives and pissed on their tombstone or grave marker? Would you like that?
NO! You wouldn't. --And Hawass for sure would not allow for anyone to visit one of the ancient mosque in Cairo and allow them to urinate on the floor of the mosque.
You'd be arrested immediately! So what are you to say for yourself!? --Perhaps Zahi Hawass scolded you, reprimanded you, I don't know. But what do you have to say yourself?
It was very very uncouth and very nasty of you to pee inside of one of the sacred monuments - the most sacred of monuments in all of Egypt - and the world.. on TV no less. Weren't you embarrassed? Have you know shame, no self-respect? God!!

I send you this email because, such behaviour is not a laughing matter as it is depicted in the video. Its not funny, its not cute and as a professional Anthropologist, does not say much about your professionalism - even if you were just an intern on the show. It may have made for 'good' TV, but it really made you...and Hawass look bad.
Finally Zoe, I think you owe the spirits and descendants of the Ancient Egyptians a public apology, I think you also owe the viewers of the show a public apology, and we will be waiting and watching for it.

Be well,
A concerned viewer and descendant of the 'native' Egyptians.

P.s. For all those who feel the same away about Zoe's hideous behaviour, you can contact her at her address above and she is also on Facebook - her full name in BOLD below. Send her an email and let her know how you feel about her pee'ing inside an Egyptian sacred temple...on national TV! The total disrespect and abuse of the ancient Egyptian monuments by many Arab fundamentalist such as Zahi Hawass, Sheik Abdel Rahman and the unsanitary act of peeing 'in' a temple by Zoe D'Amato- should not go unnoticed and unaddressed. ( btw- the same sheik that tried to bring down the WorldTrade Center in 93) - also called for a jihad and total destruction of all Pharoanic sites - because he believes that the ancient Egyptian civilization was pagan! This has gone on long enough and its time to stop it! Here is a article from the New York Times which shows that I am not making this up. These people pose a direct threat not only to the ancient sites of Egypt, but the world in general for that matter. Read the entire article in order to gain some perspective.

Zoe Leeson D'Amato